HR Engineering. Deliverables…

  • Hunarsource Consulting, an integrated HR services offering, focused on optimizing our clients’ ROI by delivering value at a proven lower cost than in-house channels.
  • Aligning HR function to the corporate strategy of the company tends to be a generic challenge. It is a critical success factor for HR departments to find the right balance of delivering the currents services and understanding the needs of the business.
  • We provide end-to-end HR solutions which include Cultural and Performance shift to contribute towards the top line and bottom line.
  • Revisiting and implementing organizational designs, policies, SOPs, governance models and the required behavioral/performance changes.
Human Resouce Managements

Modus Operandi

Evaluating organization against market leaders

Route Cause Analysis & Gap Identification

Critically designing best practices & strategies

Assistance in execution

Modus Operandi